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The Rootead Collective

About Us

At Rootead, we are reclaiming the village through cultural liberation by holding spaces for internal transformation, healing arts & birthing justice. In-person, Rootead Enrichment Center offers healing arts and birthwork programs that are diverse, inclusive, anti-racist and trauma-informed. In the Rootead Collective, our healing arts and meditation programs are intentionally designed to be generative (trauma-reducing) and somatic (body-based). 

Our Birthkeeper training program, Reclaiming Birth, seeks to empower all people who support birth in their communities and specifically remedy reproductive injustice within them. 

In addition, Rootead staff takes a whole person approach to programming and weaves aspects such as social, emotional, and psychological wellness into each program. This creative process empowers the individual and enhances relationships between participants that promote healing, coping and personal change.  

Why You Should Join Us

Becoming a member of The Rootead Collective is the starting place for experiencing meaningful connection without all of the noise that creeps in on other platforms. As you find your footing in the Collective, you will find opportunities to dig deeper into the community experience. Whether you're looking for rest, healing, knowledge or growth, there is a membership level that will work for you. If you're just here to spend more time with like-minded folks, we welcome that too! As with most things in life, you'll get out of your Rootead Collective experience what you put into it.

A Big Thanks

When you join our membership community you are helping protect our mission by feeding your soul while driving our ability to keep doing the deeply important work of healing justice in all forms. In the Collective, many hands make light work!

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